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The site was created to help buyers of "normal" or compression stockings: we present some manufacturers, brands, types and of course stores where they can be purchased!

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Preventive compression stockings:

Clamping force is slight: 5-10 mmHg
  • When there are first signs of fatigue, leg heaviness and numbness.
Clamping force is medium: 10-15 mmHg
  • When, in addition to signs of leg severity and fatigue, swelling also occurs.
Clamping force is strong: 15-20 mmHg
  • When your feet are already showing signs of heavy feet, numbness, swelling, you start to show signs of varicose veins.

Class I. (osztály)
Szorítóerő: 15-21mmHg / 2,4-2,8kPa

  • sok mozgást vagy állást igénylő munkához (fodrász, postás, felszolgáló, egészségügyi dolgozó, kereskedő, stb.)
  • sport és szabadidős tevékenységek során (futás, sí, tenisz, stb.)
  • örökletes tulajdonságokkal rendelkezőknek,
  • kismamáknak különösen ajánlott a várandósság 5-6. hónapjától kezdve, mert ezzel a terhesség során kialakuló visszerek mintegy 70%-ban megelőzhetők.
  • MEDICALTEX I. osztály:
    Dr tex soft

    PHARMATEXTIL I. osztály:
    Elastofit (AB, AD, AG, AM)
    Elastobol (AG)
    Elastobol fly (AD)

    Class II. (osztály)
    Szorítóerő: 23-32mmHg / 3,1-4,3kPa

  • kiterjedt alsó végtagi varikozitás
  • krónikus vénás elégtelenség
  • trombózis profilaxis
  • angiodysplasia
  • postvaricectomias és revascularizacios ödéma és hematoma
  • thrombophlebitis superficialis
  • szklerotizáló kezelés és varix műtét után
  • postthrombotikus szindróma
  • posttraumás ödéma
  • mélyvénás trombózis után
  • kollaterálisokkal kompenzált krónikus vénás elzáródások
  • gyógyult lábszárfekély
  • mélyvénák billentyűelégtelensége és tágulata
  • ödémával járó varikozitás
  • ambulanter kezelhető akut mélyvénás elzáródások
  • krónikus primer és szekunder lymphödéma
  • ha egyidejűleg fennálló obliteratív érbetegség miatt magasabb kompressziófokozatú harisnya kontraindikált
  • felső végtagi lymphödéma kompenzálás utáni folyamatos kezelése
  • enyhe ízületi instabilitás
  • krónikus ízületi megbetegedés
  • enyhe ízületi szalagsérülés
  • MEDICALTEX II. osztály:
    Dr tex stand

    PHARMATEXTIL II. osztály:
    Elastomed komfort (AD, AF, AG, AG/HB, AM)
    Elastomed stretch (AD, AF, AG, AG/HB, AM)
    Elastostar (AD, AF, AG, AG/HB, AM)

    Class III. (osztály)
    Szorítóerő: 34-46mmHg / 4,5-6,1kPa

  • krónikus vénás elégtelenség dekompenzált stádiuma (constans ödéma)
  • alsó és felső végtagi lymphödéma kompenzálás utáni folyamatos kezelése
  • arterio-venozus malformáció
  • postthrombotikus szindróma
  • krónikus vénás lymphás elégtelenség
  • angiolymphaticus szindróma
  • krónikus nyiroködéma
  • PHARMATEXTIL III. osztály:
    Elastosbar komfort (AD, AF, AG, AG/HB, AM)

    Class IV. (osztály)
    Szorítóerő: >49mmHg / >6,5kPa

  • nyiroködéma (3. és 4. stádium) kompenzálás utáni folyamatos kezelése
  • angiodysplasia
  • elephantiasis
  • postthrombotikus szindróma
  • krónikus vénás elégtelenség dekompenzált stádiuma
  • krónikus nyiroködéma
  • PHARMATEXTIL IV. osztály:
    Elastolim (AD, AF, AG, AG/HB, AM)

    Compression Stockings - Frequently Asked Questions:
    Would prevention be the most important thing?

    A non-smoking, hectic lifestyle, a diet that focuses on fruits, vegetables, poultry, and fish, a relatively stress-free workplace, and a balanced family can do almost anything to combat the disease. Of course, its development can also be influenced by genetic inheritance, a predisposition received from parents.
    The way to self-test: start and walk! The foot does not hurt at rest, if you are in motion, be sure to visit an angiology clinic!

    Who is recommended to wear compression stockings?

    Continuous sitting or standing work, overweight, smoking, pregnancy, prolonged travel where the leg is not moved for several hours, after varicose veins, inflammation of a vein wall, deep vein thrombosis, or predisposition (s).

    Where can I buy, what size and length, quality and strength of stockings?

    Where: Medical aids can be purchased at a store (if you are buying stockings for the first time, ask for exact instructions on how to wear the stockings!).

    Size: If possible, always measure the circumference and length of our legs accurately (before standing in the morning!) On the basis of the size chart according to the packaging or ask for the help of specialists in the distribution of stockings (for individual models, making them to individual sizes!). A good size holds / squeezes properly, even though we feel “very strong”.

    Length: If possible, always go beyond the area of the lesion, the compression stockings kept in the closet will not improve our agility!

    Quality: There are many types within a given degree of compression, these are decided by the patient's needs and possibilities. In addition to the basic types, there is a version with a more cotton composition for greater comfort. There is an elegant version made of bright, shiny yarn of varying colors, there are also stockings made of silver thread, which prevent infectious diseases of the skin.

    Strength for prevention: 20 den - 280 den if you do not have any more serious symptoms or changes (feeling heavy, feeling tight in your legs, nocturnal leg cramps, itching) but you have a history of venous disease in your family.

    Strength medical: Compression grade I, over-the-counter stockings. II. III. IV. compression grade after an angiological examination can be prescribed by your doctor depending on the extent of the lesion ankle, knee, mid-thigh, thigh stockings, single-breasted tights or tights, 2 pieces for 6 months, but at full price without prescription you can buy anything!

    When should I wear stockings?

    The stockings should be worn before standing, for only a few hours at first. The goal is to eventually wear it throughout your active period. Especially in the summer heat!

    How long do I have to wear stockings?

    If the inherited weakness of the connective tissue has caused you varicose veins, it is advisable to use the stockings permanently and continuously. Even after varicose vein surgery, it is not relieved, the weakness of the connective tissue cannot be eliminated by the surgery, some of the symptoms can be prevented by wearing compression stockings.

    What to look for while wearing stockings?

    The stockings should never be pulled beyond the desired height. Multiple layers of bouncing stockings result in limb squeezing, inhibiting rather than aiding venous circulation. Slipped, crumpled stockings should be adjusted immediately.

    How can we protect the stockings for as long as possible?

    Each product is packaged with instructions for use, it is advisable to observe gentle cleaning and drying.

    What should I do if I have problems wearing stockings?

    Ask your doctor or medical device retailer for advice.